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Business Center Amsterdam 

AllOfficecenters.nl provides you with a complete overview of all Business Centers in Amsterdam.

Pick the Business Center which suit your requirements and collect them in a favourites list by clicking on the “Request information & prices” button. You can choose as many objects as you like to make the comparison easier. The “Details” button gives more detailed information on the selected object.

Then fill in the contact details form (above “Favourites” in the top right corner) and you will shortly receive all the information on your chosen business centers.

100 % Free and without obligation

Object no.: 
10 sqm to 100 sqm
The Mondriaan Tower is a beacon in the Amsterdam skyline. This impressive office building is named after the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan and is one of the most...
Outside view of office center Amsterdam
Object no.: 
25 sqm to 60 sqm
A luxurious representative office space located in one of the most beautiful spots in Amsterdam. The office consists of period rooms separated by en-suite doors. At this...
Outside view of business center Amsterdam
Object no.: 
8 sqm to 170 sqm
In the middle of Amsterdam’s city center - directly behind the Dam square and next to the De Niece Kerk - we are opening a new coworking and office space! In the famous...
Outside view of business center Amsterdam
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 60 sqm
Are you looking for a working area with a luxurious appearance and representative rooms where you can receive your customers? Then you are at the right address! Unique...
Outside view of business center Amsterdam
Object no.: 
8 sqm to 170 sqm
In the western Amsterdam The Bridge Building will open its doors to a creative scene of start ups, freelancers, and innovative businesses who prefer a creative space to...
Outside view business center Amsterdam
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 100 sqm
This Business Center's workspace design features private offices (for teams of 1-100) with glass walls to maintain privacy without sacrificing transparency or natural...
Outside view of business center Amsterdam
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 400 sqm
Whether you’re looking for a one-person office or need space for a 100-person team, the enclosed, lockable offices provide all the benefits of membership, plus an added...
Outside view of business center Amsterdam
Object no.: 
50 sqm to 125 sqm
This Business Center is located right next to Amsterdam Central Station, offers you a magical view over the city centre and the IJ river. This is the perfect location...
Object no.: 
13 sqm to 290 sqm
This Business Center is one of the most spectacular buildings. It stands out because of its streamlined shape and the use of extensive glass, which provides you with a...
Object no.: 
7 sqm to 200 sqm
This Business Center at the Amsterdam South Axis, is one of the architectonic highlights along the A10 and very fetching because of its snow white facade, its special...
Object no.: 
8 sqm to 250 sqm
This Business Center is an excellent office location in the Arena Business Park. The modern office building with its striking look is well known and has endless...
Object no.: 
21 sqm to 352 sqm
This Business Center is an absolute icon in the business district of Amsterdam Sloterdijk. As one of the five tallest buildings in the city, there is simply no way...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business center has fully furnished and equipped offices. There is also a receptionist who will give your guest a warm welcome. They will also handle mail and act...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business center offices has an excellent reputation. The centre has its own restaurant, coffee bar, meeting rooms, private parking facility and various solutions...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 20 sqm
This business centre is suitable for new and small companies. The offices offer short term leases including free-parking and glass-fibre internet. Full service lease...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
The business center is situated on the thriving business park Amsterdam South Axis, where are around 400 companies home. This state-of-the-art business center is one of...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business center facility offers solutions for all business people, for example office space, workstations, memberships, meeting rooms and spaces suitable for events...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business center is based in five historic buildings. With its great furnished offices provides the perfect synthesis of modern comfort. Because of the full service...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business center offers well furnished offices on flexible terms which meets the requirements of the client. Office sizes differs from 15 up to 250m² and can be...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This very modern office facility can provide fully furnished desk space from 1 to 20 workstations. The offices offers unlimited access to private work areas, printing,...
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